Vehicle Safety


To help those with children who place themselves and others as risk by undoing vehicle seat belts, we offer the Buckle Guard, Angel Guard and Buckle Boss   .  The Buckle Guard works in the same way as a pill bottle, in that in order to open it to release the buckle, the top must be pushed and turned at the same time.

The Angel Guard needs brute force to remove it, but is more suited to those vehicles where the seat belt buckle is recessed within the seat itself.

The Buckle Boss is very useful for the more high functioning user, as it completely obscures the release mechanism, but can be easily removed by sliding a key or slim object between the slots.

We offer these pieces of equipment to people with special needs who cannot understand the dangers of not being fastened safely in a moving vehicle.  They are not intended as a substitute for adequate control and care when transporting children who do not have special needs.

100_0787 - buckle guard buck guard 2 - gif
100_0798 - angel guard
100_0803 - cutter
Buckle Boss
Buckle Boss

I am currently in the process of uprating these photographs, and better quality ones will appear soon!

In using either the Unisafety Harness or Buckle / Angel Guards / Buckle Boss, there is an added risk, that in the case of a vehicle accident, those assisting in any rescue may not know how to release the harness / guards.  To this end we recommend that a seat belt cutter is always carried in the vehicle, and a suitable sticker is placed in the vehicles’ window informing first attenders of what action to take..

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