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The Windmill Special Needs Co. Ltd is known to have a level of expertise in Car Seats for children with Special Needs, and they were the first items I started supplying when I founded the business.

I offer a range that covers from birth up to 49kg in car seats, and with the Burnett Vacuum forming seats, I can accommodate adults as well.


The range is carefully selected from reputable manufacturers, and most are held in stock.  If required, and I am given notice, I can usually supply and fit a seat at the assessment, rather than keep you waiting while I get a delivery from the manufacturers. This is particularly useful for getting children home from hospital, or where children are in care and need to be fostered etc. Although it is equally applicable to those parents who wish to purchase on the day.


Public Sector purchasers can, if necessary, have the seat delivered and set up on assessment, with the paper work to follow, provided that funding is guaranteed, and stores do not take months to send the paperwork through!

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Because I have such experience in selecting and fitting car seat, I am always happy to answer any queries or questions you may have - either on the range I offer, on the car seats in general.  See the “Infrequently asked questions” bit on this web site.

As well as the seats themselves, I offer a range of accessories such as additional mirrors, and other travel equipment, such as the new, and very popular range of Vehicle Harnesses for escapologists - see the link below

Vehicle Harnesses

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