Burnett Car Supports


The Burnett Car Seat Supports offer vacuum molded support for those with, for example a scoliosis or kyphosis, that cannot be supported in a normal car seat.  Or for those that just need a little prompting, but are too large for a child’s car seat.


burnett cs support02

There are three versions 100cs is for users under 1.75m tall, 104cs for those over 1.75m tall, and 101cs is for junior users.


They work in exactly the same way as the other Burnett seat supports - the unit molds around a person, air is pumped out causing a vacuum, which holds the beads inside in place. There is a little pouch on the rear to hook over the vehicle headrest, and a strap to keep the wings of the support around the user when in motion, but allowing them to swing away for transfer in and out. Covers are made from washable, quilted cotton.


The Burnett Car Seat Support must always be used in conjunction with a vehicle seat belt.

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